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[2.23.05 @ 7:40pm]

Hey everybody it's Bianca/00_hugs_00
I got a new lj, so you can add me if you want

Okay, just letting you know
bye! <3
2 are SiZzLiNg

[1.23.05 @ 6:47pm]


So, we have decided to keep the community. I made a few small changes but nothing big. I would just like to say, before we start it up again...this community is not supposed to make anyone feel insecure or horrible or shallow. I haven't checked with lexi about this yet, but I have decided that we won't ask for your picture to join. I never liked that idea in the first place and it IS very shallow. We will only rate pictures that people put on..but not of theirselves. If lexi agrees to this, it will be our new rule.

So, thank you to those who have stayed..we promise that we will try and make the community suitable for you all. Comment or update at anytime if you have a problem or concern about the community.

4 are SiZzLiNg

[1.23.05 @ 2:25pm]

[ mood | curious ]

yeah, guys..im not leaving the community. I might be alone on this one, but comment if you are staying.

2 are SiZzLiNg

[1.21.05 @ 8:58pm]

allright whatever fuck it then

[1.21.05 @ 7:00pm]

no offense but this community is pretty lame..i mean the whole idea of it is good but all we do is just share pics of people we don't even know..
2 are SiZzLiNg

[1.21.05 @ 3:24pm]

Sorry guys I decided to leave the community. Melissa and I made our own community for discussion, stupid chatting, that kind of thing. This is just a little too shallow for me, and I feel guilty being in here. If you're interested, it's impractical_ And there's applications because that is seriously so much fun in a survey-to-waste-your-time-with kind of way.
2 are SiZzLiNg

[1.19.05 @ 9:29pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

eh..i found some kinda hott pics of this guy there all right but hey he got the HOTT HAIR,AND HE HAS THIS SEXY SIDE TO HIM..HEHEH


hey he got hott hair and a sexy side what more do we need!Collapse )

2 are SiZzLiNg

[1.20.05 @ 4:50pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

picturesCollapse )

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[1.19.05 @ 7:32pm]

[ mood | freezing! ]

abercrombie and fitch models are absolute LOVE!Collapse )

5 are SiZzLiNg

[1.18.05 @ 6:32pm]

[ mood | LOVED ]

wow i deffinatley found some really hot guys on this community!!
dont you just love LONG HOT SHAGGY HAIR ON GUYSS!!!


SEXY SEXY UH OHHH!!!> <Collapse )

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[1.18.05 @ 6:02pm]


lmfao okay im on the phone and i think this is halarious

Kailey:wow mike is a retard he deff. has the same info as sean
Me:i knoww
Kailey:i think he is the most hiddeous person i have ever layed.... (pause)
Me:haahahhaahahaha umm..?
Kailey: my eyes on


Me: how do you spell hideous
Kailey: K-A-I-L-E-Y



[1.18.05 @ 7:38pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

here's some sex-worthy pictures for you! rate 1-10 please!!

picturesCollapse )

11 are SiZzLiNg

[1.17.05 @ 8:29pm]

[ mood | excited ]

hahah omfg!! im watching american idol and its halarious!! this girl is singing the national anthem and its wicked funny okay here is a picture that has many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many many manyyyyy memoriess okay READ THIS B4 YOU LOOK AT THE PICTURE PROMISE.OKAY well it started out with me and mel on the phone calling nick and well he said his cousin "brandon" was over.. well he doesnt have a cousin brandon and i was like dude that sounds like shane conway and nick denied it and.. he was like ill bring in a picture and i was likeokay.. and he brought it in and i thought he was wicked wicked wicked hott ! one night me and kailey werre on the phone with nick and they were sayin how brandon was over when it was really shane but then for some odd reason i beleived it and kailey didnt!! haha kaileys always right!but then me and kailey were trying to beleive it bcuz "brandon" is wicked hott and so when "brandon" was singing me and kailey were like ohh you have a really hott voice lol..then through the wholee year me kailey and mel were like obssessed with him i would say and we would like make these pictures witth him and nick and soo much more to say.. well heres the "brandon"

 heres brandonCollapse )

5 are SiZzLiNg

[1.18.05 @ 7:41pm]

I take pictures of people. Whatever.

like.. 45 seconds of sexCollapse )
9 are SiZzLiNg

mrs higgens, you are the devil in disguise. [1.18.05 @ 6:35pm]

[ mood | cold ]

update update update!
i am.. dying my hair brown again. sometime. idk when.
just thought id tell you.

GOLD5SUCKS. well, mrs higgens does at least.
but  i feel bad for our teachers. were theyre team, and we let them down.
im writing an apology personal letter thing. even tho i didnt do anything, except my work.

11 are SiZzLiNg

[1.18.05 @ 3:21pm]

[ mood | creative ]

dazzlin?Collapse )

12 are SiZzLiNg

[1.18.05 @ 3:24pm]

[ mood | curious ]

okay, this is just a suggestion...

i think, since you dont really do anything on this community unless someone is added..we should post random pictures of people we know..or random guys/people..or famous people and rate their looks. I know that sounds increadibly shallow, but hey..this is a rating community and we aren't really doing anything else.

Who likes this idea? Well, im basically only asking the mods (katie, lexi? do you guys like this?).

4 are SiZzLiNg

[1.17.05 @ 11:02pm]


Am I Dazzling?Collapse )

6 are SiZzLiNg

[1.17.05 @ 9:29pm]

[ mood | woohoo i finished this ]

Am I Dazzling?Collapse )

3 are SiZzLiNg

[1.17.05 @ 8:23pm]

[ mood | sore ]

Am I dazzling?Collapse )

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