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Name:Michelle Begley
Location:west barnstable
Single, Taken?(if taken, pictures would be nice):single mingle. :-!

Bands: um.. creed staind breaking benjamin.. others.
Books: this lullaby the clique.
Movies: fear of the dark & cinderella story.
Actor: josh hartnett
Actress: reese witherspoon -sp-

What do you think about gay marriages?: if you love that person who cares if its the same gender
Abortion?: if you were raped and going to hate the baby its life then go ahead..
What about womens rights: i think they r okay but men should do more cooking n cleaning n not leave it to the women lmao and men r lazy n leave everything up to the girls yea..anywho

Kerry or Bush?: kerry.
Black or White?: white
Hot or Cold?: cold
Is the hokey pokey really what its all about?: yes bcuz..its sexy.
Why do you think we should accept you?: because im michelle and you love me lmao idk.
Make Us Laugh! umm idk  how?

PICTURES.... *no more then 5, make sure they can be seen clearly*

dont have any.. or im too dumb to kno how to work it cuz im mentally challenged 2night.

Lastly, promote us in 3 places, place the links here. We will check!:

um idont have any other friends that r in lj except u guys n u r obviously in it

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i love you.
i love your womens right answer, made me laugh.
lmao i see what you were saying with the smiley ( :-! ) EL LOSER.
<3 welcome, stay active, (update often, post pictures, promos/banners, etc) vote & promote!

i definitely agree with a lot of the things you like/disliked. so yeah accepted of course..

but katie z it kind-of seems like you only have bad things to say about people you don't know to well.. maybe it's just me but yeah.
yeah i understand what your saying.
im sorry, i was in a bad mood.
even tho i said not to take it personally, thanks for pointing it out.
welcome, michelle!
ello. lmao..smiley face. anywho.
im sorry kayshie143 but your not a mod and you cant accept people into this community, but you can say yes.. sorry im not trying to be meann.. im just sayin its in the rules..

very nice michelle of couarse you are acccepted .. haha lmao! on the womens rights, men are lazzyy tru dat! lol.. jk.. but very funny and the hokey pokey is sexy! :)
i <3 you

Welcome Michelleee