iiceskate (iiceskate) wrote in so_dazzling,


So, we have decided to keep the community. I made a few small changes but nothing big. I would just like to say, before we start it up again...this community is not supposed to make anyone feel insecure or horrible or shallow. I haven't checked with lexi about this yet, but I have decided that we won't ask for your picture to join. I never liked that idea in the first place and it IS very shallow. We will only rate pictures that people put on..but not of theirselves. If lexi agrees to this, it will be our new rule.

So, thank you to those who have stayed..we promise that we will try and make the community suitable for you all. Comment or update at anytime if you have a problem or concern about the community.

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i left, if you hadnt noticed.
and i recall, you were the one who wanted to post pictures of other people and rate them.
being a little hypocritical?
uhm..i noticed you left. I wasn't saying posting pictures of yourself was your idea. We all agreed on it. What would we have done if we didnt post pictures of other people? The community was getting boring. So I am not being hypocritical. I wasn't talking about you..because you left. If you didnt like my idea, you should've told me. Then we wouldn't have done it.
i didnt leave cuz of your idea.
i thought you were calling me shallow, cuz i thought of the rating idea.
Im sorry.
no, im sorry. you misunderstood me i guess. Nicole said this community was shallow, then everyone was agreeing with her so I was responding to what people were saying. It's not your fault because you me and lexi all decided to make it a rating community,